Jake Shick Productions in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Knoxville and East Tennessee.

Jake Shick Productions is one of the premier videography companies in the Smoky Mountain area. Serving Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, and surrounding areas, Jake uses his talent and skills to put together video productions for weddings, family reunions, and other events. Jake Shick Productions also provides video services for businesses, real estate, and individuals.

Clients can be confident as they hire Jake Shick Productions for their project. Led by Jake himself, the team creates high-quality and timeless video productions using Jake’s signature style. Jake has honed his style throughout his decades in the industry, including his time in the Los Angeles’ entertainment industry.

Jake and his family are from California although his parents moved to East Tennessee a few years ago. He remained in California to pursue his passion for video. Soon after, though, he began hearing God’s voice calling him to move to Tennessee too.  

“Honestly, it was God who brought me out here. I did everything I could to stay in L.A., but now I see God’s great blessing of having moved here,” Jake shared as he spoke about moving from California to Tennessee three years ago. It took him about six months to set up his business and each year it has grown successfully. Jake Shick Productions is thriving in East Tennessee and Jake attributes that to his faithfulness to the Lord.  

Jake Shick’s Talents & Style  

It all started when Jake joined the broadcast journalism staff in junior high and quickly considered video as a career path. Later, in college, he majored in business administration with an interest in becoming an accountant. During college he continued working with video on the side. He mainly shot weddings at the time, which gave him an appreciation for producing wedding videos.

Jake self-describes his style as “cinematic yet real”. The photography and videography industry sees trends come and go, but Jake sticks to a timeless and high-quality style that will stand the test of time. Overly edited footage can detract from the heart of a production, so Jake honors the real memory of the event by capturing moments with his classic and professional style. He and his team are dedicated to providing their clients with the most authentic representation of the wedding, anniversary party, family reunion, birthday, or any type of event.

“It’s more like a documentary film. We want to make it as realistic as possible. There are videographers out there who want to make it look vintage, airy, or dramatic. For us, we want to tell the story as it is, as a real-life moment. We don’t want to take away from what happened,” Jake explained when speaking about his classic style.  

Jake’s team consists of seven people who film and edit. Jake trains his team to film and edit in his style so that all videos have his signature look, whether or not he was the one to have shot the footage. The team uses the highest quality technology to give their clients cinematic-quality productions. From start to finish, Jake Shick Productions handles the entire process. The team does not outsource anything; they handle every aspect in-house.

Products from Jake Shick Productions

Wedding Videos

Jake Shick Productions offers wedding productions in three lengths: trailers, highlights, and full-length videos. These options provide flexibility to brides when they’re working with a wedding budget, and they also fulfill their different wants and needs. One of the biggest regrets brides have is not hiring a videographer. Jake wants to ensure that any bride can afford a quality wedding video, and he does that by offering these three products:

Wedding Trailer  

A wedding trailer is a short overview of the wedding day. The one-minute trailers can be easily shared via text, email, or social media. Another great aspect about wedding trailers is that the turnaround time is one to two days, and they can act as a sneak peek for upcoming longer productions. This gives the bride a quality piece of footage to share soon after her big day.  

Wedding Highlight  

The 5-minute wedding highlight is a more comprehensive production while remaining shareable. Its length obviously contains more footage than a wedding trailer, but it is still quicker to watch and easier to share than a full-length production. These 5-minute wedding highlights are an emerging trend in the Smoky Mountain wedding industry.  

Full-Length Wedding Videos  

Full-length wedding videos were once the standard in the wedding-videography industry although today brides crave a more shareable product. These full-length productions are up to two-hours long. They are comprehensive, and couples generally watch them only on an anniversary, or rarely at all because of their length. A full-length wedding video will cover every moment of the wedding day, and a team of two videographers work together to accomplish this.

“Wedding highlights are perfect for those wanting a beautiful love story told in a short amount of time. With our highlights, we’re able to condense it down and tell the story, and then make it something that couples want to watch over and over again,” Jake explained. “A full wedding film is for those wanting to see everything from their wedding day.”

Other Video Productions

Along with weddings, Jake Shick Productions offers video services for other special events. Is your family planning a family reunion in the Smoky Mountains? Imagine a video of your entire family gathered together! The family will appreciate being able to watch the footage for years to come.

Other special occasions like anniversaries and birthday parties are great times to hire a professional videographer. When you’re in the Smoky Mountain area for one of these occasions, consider having a video produced so that your group can preserve the special memories.

The company also produces content for small businesses and corporations, real estate agents, ad agencies, and other businesses. Jake also works with individuals and celebrities like the pro angler, Ott Defoe. Defoe is a professional fisherman who lives in East Tennessee. He has more than 50 career top-10 wins. Some of Jake’s work can be seen on Defoe’s website and YouTube channel here.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has authorized Jake Shick Productions to shoot in the park. Only authorized photographers are allowed to professionally shoot inside the park’s boundaries. If you’re planning to get married in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, be sure to hire an authorized professional like Jake Shick Productions.

If you need drone photography or videography, Jake Shick productions offers that as well. Drone videography is especially popular in East Tennessee. The mountainous landscape which also includes the area lakes makes for a stunning scene! Internet content creators prize this footage. Jake is happy to work with content creators, property owners and managers, and anyone needing aerial footage.

Contact Jake Shick Productions

Reach out to Jake to receive a quote for your project or event. You can trust Jake Shick Productions to provide a professional and quality video that will stand the test of time. The company is highly regarded in the Smoky Mountain and East Tennessee communities.

Follow Jake Shick Productions on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to stay updated on the gorgeous videos they produce. This company is an example of the talented and dependable businesses ready to serve Smoky Mountain visitors. Learn more about our local businesses and resources here.

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