Robert Tino Gallery in Sevierville

The Robert A. Tino Gallery opened in 1992 and has been a beacon to residents and tourists visiting the Smokies. Situated on Winfield Dunn Parkway (Highway 66) in Sevierville, the gallery is on my daily route. As much as I love art and the mountains, I had never been there before but always wondered what it was like. I stopped by on a rainy Saturday and was amazed at my experience! 

Have you ever visited the Robert A. Tino Gallery in Sevierville? It’s a shopping experience found nowhere else, and a visit is like a stop at the coziest art museum. Plus, I got to meet Robert! I was pleasantly surprised to see him helping customers and working in the gallery.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit during your next trip to the Smoky Mountains. Here’s what you can expect: 

My Visit to the Robert A. Tino Gallery

Visiting the Robert A. Tino Gallery in Sevierville, TN.
Photo Credit: Amy Morton

I visited on a rainy Saturday in January. Before the stop, I assumed it would be a slow and quiet day in the gallery. To my surprise, the parking lot was full, and the gallery was buzzing with customers! 

Within my first five minutes inside, two customers purchased artwork and Tino was there to help with the transactions. As he wrapped the purchases, I perused the gallery in awe of his talent. I quickly realized that I must find a place in my home for a piece of his artwork.

Robert Tino
Robert poses with a customer in his Sevierville art gallery. Photo Credit: Amy Morton

While he isn’t there every day, he generally works at the gallery on Saturdays. It was a pleasure to meet him and learn more about his artwork and gallery.

Inside the Gallery

Inside the Tino Gallery in Sevierville
Photo Credit: Amy Morton

The Robert A. Tino Gallery in Sevierville is in a beautiful historic home. Built in 1844 and renovated in 1880, the large home commands attention from passersby. If you love old homes, you’ll be excited to see hand-crafted details including the mantel, gingerbread trim work, and antique furniture original to the home.

I had researched the gallery before my visit and viewed this historical marker before I went inside, so I knew that former slave Lewis C. Buckner had worked on the home after the Civil War. It is astonishing to see such elaborate work in great condition over a century later. Learning about Buckner and the history of the home was fascinating. Read more about the history of the home here.

Old homes are a hobby for me. I love touring them and my family lives in one. My experience inside the gallery fulfilled all my hopes for visiting this historic property. Between customers, Robert was gracious enough to tell me more about the home’s history. He showed me the original Buckner furniture pieces still in the home from the 1880 renovation.

Original Buckner furniture piece in this Sevierville art gallery.
Photo Credit: Amy Morton

Robert explained that his wife Mary John had inherited the property. Before its gallery days, her grandparents would rent rooms to guests. I found this particularly interesting considering Sevier County’s deep heritage of hospitality. In 1992, Robert and Mary John turned the home into a gallery. All details were carefully preserved and Tino’s artwork is a fine addition to the home’s walls. It’s a match made in history and art heaven!

Stillness Among the Hustle and Bustle

There is no traffic noise or outside disturbance inside the gallery. It’s a peaceful oasis in the middle of Sevierville’s action and excitement. I admired the artwork and the charming ambiance of the gallery. Tino’s paintings make you feel like you’re standing right there inside the national park!

Dozens of framed originals adorned the walls and racks of prints are available as well. The selection inside the gallery also includes greeting cards and Christmas cards. The gallery offers pieces to fit any budget. Pictured below are a few of my favorites.

Among all the souvenirs visitors can take home from the Smoky Mountains, I can’t think of a better option than a piece from the Robert Tino A. Gallery. Plan a visit to this gallery for a relaxing timeout between theme parks, mountain coasters, and other attractions. 

Outside the Gallery 

It’s no secret that Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge grew exponentially from rural farmland into a tourist mecca. Sevierville is now seeing similar growth. This “hometown of the Smokies” is seeing rapid growth, especially on Highway 66 near the Robert A. Tino Gallery.

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of motorists and the many nearby shops, the gallery waits patiently with a certain serenity found inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I felt as though I had left the outside world and escaped into a mountainous setting of trees, waterfalls, and epic views.

Find many big-name retailers just outside the gallery including Hobby Lobby, Staples, PetSmart, Lowes, Publix, Target (coming soon), and other stores. Popular local restaurants are nearby such as Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, Don Marcos Kitchen, and the new Chick-fil-A in Sevierville.

The area is a hot spot for shoppers, but it is a luxury having this local gallery in the middle of the action. Robert Tino may be a local artist, but his works span the globe! We’re lucky to have him and his gallery in Sevierville.

Want to Meet Robert A. Tino?

Robert Tino packages a piece of art for a customer in his Sevierville art gallery.
Tino packages a purchase for a customer in his Sevierville art gallery. Photo Credit: Amy Morton

Robert spends much of his time in his private studio. However, visit on Saturdays for the best chance to meet him in person. Tino took time to speak with every guest and it was nice to see him interact with his fans. He is humble and his appreciation for his customers is apparent. Read the artist’s biography here.

Your Visit to the Robert A. Tino Gallery

The Robert A. Tino Gallery is one of the best places to shop in the Smokies! It exudes an authentic local vibe that I haven’t felt anywhere else other than inside the national park. I had an unforgettable time and I know you will too!

As I work on finding the perfect spot for a framed piece, I’m excited to think about how Tino’s painting will upgrade the ambiance of my home. I also find it fascinating that his art is appreciated all over the world! Don’t you need a Tino print or original painting in your home? Shop his website to have a piece shipped directly to your home and visit the gallery to take home your own piece of the Smoky Mountains.

Planning a Smoky Mountain vacation? Read more about the Robert A. Tino Gallery here. Use this website to plan your trip and be sure to check out other attractions, shops, and restaurants while you’re here! Sign up for our newsletter and follow these social media accounts to stay updated on what to do in the Smokies!

Authored in Appalachia || Amy Morton


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