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The Smoky Mountain’s Most Fun Restaurant – The Pines Downtown

Imagine this: a 10-year-old Dolly Parton steps on stage for her very first paid performance while residents whisper about her growing talent. At that time, Sevierville’s hometown girl was becoming a star. The community gathered around to hear the young local celebrity. Today, Dolly Parton is one of the most recognizable personalities in the entire world. However, the superstar got her start at The Pines Theater in Downtown Sevierville.

This historic site was originally a movie theater by day and an entertainment venue by night. Now that it is reimagined to honor the past and present, The Pines Downtown is entertaining guests in a whole new way! It’s one of the best places to eat in Sevierville. Expertly designed by renowned chef David Rule, the menu is a superb fusion of fun and fresh food served with a side of nostalgia. This Downtown Sevierville restaurant and entertainment venue features 8 lanes of duckpin bowling, vintage gaming, board games, and new ways to make memories with friends and family. 

It’s a restaurant and attraction in one. Let’s walk through The Pines Downtown to tour this exciting establishment. 

The Food

Dine at The Pines Downtown in Sevierville!
Photo Credit: The Pines Downtown

Just around the corner from The Pines Downtown is The Appalachian Restaurant. This locally acclaimed fine-dining restaurant is co-owned and operated by Chef David Rule. Chef Rule shares his expertise among some of Downtown Sevierville’s top restaurants including The Appalachian, Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ, and The Pines Downtown. Using seasonal and fresh ingredients, his natural talent, and innovative ideas, Chef Rule builds menus that impress guests and keeps them coming back for more.

While The Pines offers a relaxed atmosphere, the menu of casual fare is surprisingly refined. Pizza is available in classic cheese and pepperoni options, but the house pies come in an array of exciting flavors. The Heirloom Tomato Margarita is a fan favorite, while the Country Ham Prosciutto is a whole new take on the pineapple pizza! 

Handhelds such as the Walker Cheesesteak, Gold Curtain Cuban, and The Pines Burger give guests a hearty meal that’s easy to eat. Between turns in a duckpin bowling game, grab a bite and share an order of wings or loaded tots with your friends. See the current menu here

The bar serves exclusive hand-crafted cocktails along with draft beer, imports, and your favorite classic mixed drinks. Additionally, the team creates exciting seasonal beverages too! View the cocktail menu here to see a sample of the creative concoctions. 

The Fun

Go bowling in Sevierville!
Photo Credit: The Pines Downtown

Duckpin bowling is a fresh take on traditional bowling. Shorter lanes and smaller balls allow for all ages and abilities to partake in the fun. Plus, the plush seating and laid-back atmosphere make the experience much more enjoyable! Those looking to go bowling in Sevierville will love the duckpin bowling lanes at The Pines.

Find dart boards, foosball, retro arcade games, and nostalgic gaming stations at this unique entertainment venue. You’ll be transported back in time as you channel your inner Mario or Princess Peach. Challenge your friends to a game of giant Jenga™, Twister™, and other classic board games. 

For a new challenge, try Dutch shuffleboard or snookball, which is a blend of billiards and soccer. Whether your crew gets silly or serious, it’s a unique experience for all.

Bocce Ball
Photo Credit: The Pines Downtown

Plenty of other games await you and your pals at The Pines. Make plans to hang out at this exciting and fun restaurant in Sevierville, and don’t miss the captivating interior and exterior murals! 

The Murals

Dolly Mural in Sevierville
Photo Credit: Amy Morton

As we imagine the 10-year-old Dolly performing at the historic Pines Theater, the vision comes to life in the sprawling exterior mural at The Pines Downtown. Painted by Seth Bishop, this mural depicts a young Dolly along with other classic country stars who played here: June Carter Cash, Chet Atkins, Roy Acuff, and Archie Campbell. This vibrant and colorful mural wows passersby with its lively remembrance of the Pines Theater’s past.

Dolly Parton Mural in Sevierville
Photo Credit: Amy Morton

Inside, guests are treated to a mural of our hometown sweetheart. Find the Dolly Parton mural in the back room of the building. Maisee Thompson painted this stunning display. It is a stripped-down and muted version of the country music megastar. Vastly different from today’s colorful glitz and glamor, this representation takes us back to the early days of Dolly’s career. Her natural beauty is on display for us all to admire. 

Both murals are stops along the Sevierville Mural Tour. For even more mural magic, see the many whimsical works of art throughout the Smoky Mountains! We’ve organized a Smoky Mountain Mural Tour for you.

More from The Pines Downtown

Hang out in Downtown Sevierville

The Pines Downtown offers private event space in Sevierville for birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, corporate meetings, and other gatherings. It also boasts a large floor plan with plenty of semi-private areas for small groups. Whether you visit for an action-packed night of games or hope to sneak away for a quiet conversation, there’s a spot for you at The Pines. 

Learn more about The Pines Downtown here and read a quote from Dolly Parton about her fond memories of the historic site. Plenty of free parking is available, and this site is one block away from the historic Sevier County Courthouse. Learn more about Sevierville and don’t miss out on the exciting growth happening in this downtown district.

Now we ask you: Does this sound like the most fun restaurant or the most delicious attraction in the Smoky Mountains? Decide for yourself with a visit to The Pines Downtown.

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